Our Kaneohe team offers GPR and more

If you're interested in locating pipes or potentially obstructing objects, Haggith's Structural Scan & Inspection LLC will provide you with accurate results.

Ground penetrating radar

Ground penetrating radar uses radio waves. The energy these waves reflect back can create an image of objects buried deep beneath the surface or embedded in a concrete structure.
Knowing about potential obstructions will allow your work to proceed more smoothly. Whether you're digging, coring, cutting or drilling, you'll be glad you contacted Haggith's Structural Scan & Inspection LLC.

EM systems

When working around pipes, it's safer and more efficient to know exactly where they are before beginning. After all, you don't want to hit them while digging or drilling!
Fortunately, electromagnetic systems offer an accurate way to both locate and trace pipes. So to be sure you don't encounter any difficulties, talk to Haggith's Structural Scan & Inspection LLC about EM imaging.

On-site work

Haggith's Structural Scan & Inspection LLC understands you want your project to proceed quickly and without delays. That's why we make sure to be as efficient as possible while working on site with you.
We show up on time, and our equipment will be ready to go when you need us. Please reach out to our team today in order to schedule service.

Call us at (808)-239 4330 to arrange for our services!

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